1_057a release

1_057a (alpha) version of HC-HM trading system is now available for download.

NOTE: this release is only meant for architecture testing. Included in HCombs population of robots is not optimized for real trading, so do not even try to trade real money, use only DEMO accounts(expected drawdowns > 80%). Optimized, fully ready for trading population will be included in 1_057b beta release in 2-4 weeks(the last week before the new year, probably).

Links(unzip archives and launch included installation executable in the same folder “Certificates” folder is located in):

HoneyCombs x64.
HoneyMaster x64.
HoneyCombs x32.
HoneyMaster x32.

See this forum topic if you want to join Alpha Testing team and get a full HC-HM license for free.

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