1_057b Stable release.

We have carefully tested current configuration, tightened up our robots and finalized Beta version. The build is proven stable and we only keep it in Beta state because to prove such a complex system stable and profitable we need at least 3-4 months of 24h/5d testing.

Our trading system included in 1.057b release consists of 216 robots for 16 pairs + 2 metals(gold and silver). During testing we have experienced up to 12% drawdowns. They are in the past and the system shows 0.2% of profit per day out of theoretical 0.6%. This is not even an approximated number, we need a few more months to tell for sure.

If the future drawdowns are less than 20% we will increase risk size to ensure higher profits.

We estimate that at least 3-4 months of trading are needed to see a stable profit: average deal life-time is 5-7 days, parent waves that nest waves being traded are about 1 month long(time axis). This means that
periods of losses 2-4 weeks long are pretty common for the current configuration.

So far(1 month of testing) HoneyCombs has opened over 400 deals(25 deals per day).

ShareWare version, free for personal use:

DOWNLOAD – HoneyMaster and HoneyCombs 1.057b x64
DOWNLOAD – HoneyMaster and HoneyCombs 1.057b x32

Just unzip and launch both installers(or only HC_Setup_1_057b***.exe if you only want to use provided by us population of robots).

There’s a free ShareWare version available for download. Full version is available for purchase now and we also provide cheap subscription plans starting with just 35$ a month. If you are interested, see “Contacts” tab.

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