We are not a corporation or a company, just a group traders(a few coders, really)
eager to curb the market chaos and make some money out of it.

Consider this project “Indy” in a sense. It is not our primary intention to make money by selling our system, but we need a decent capital to trade ourselves and user feedback so that we can evolve in the right direction.

It took hundreds of thousands lines of code to create current 1.057 version of “Honey” trading system. We are pretty confident in its profitability: we implemented everything we had planned in the end of 2016 that we thought is necessary, and even more…

There are still plans for at least a year(for years probably…) of development and important upgrades. The final destination is – the best trading system ever created(well, at least one of the best=), who knows what those guys at Citadel, JP-Morgan and such are using, they keep it a secret for a reason, right?).

Version we are currently working on – HM 2.0 – requires a small farm, supercomputer or a decent cluster to run it(a few thousand cores at least). We keep our main engine’s code standardized and architecture-independent so it can be easily deployed on any Windows as well as Linux system in the future.