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    Folks, in a few days we’re gonna launch public testing of the trading system prepared for the real market.

    Current population of robots has been in optimization for over 2 months now and
    it shows decent results on 12 years of historical data on MULTIPLE instruments(the same robots I mean are profitable on > 5 instruments simultaneously).
    It will be included in BETA release.

    Proof of concept? We’ll see soon enough)

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    Took a few weeks, but we are now pretty sure in its stability.

    These are Beta builds but we have tested them for a long period of time of different machines, must work just fine in most cases.

    Population of robots(216 robots for 16 pairs + 2 metal) is trading right now for over a month in our testing environment.
    So far we have experienced drawdowns up to 10% max. This is a pretty good result, considering that over this period over 400 deals were open(25 deals per day on average)!
    A few more months of careful testing are needed but the system is proven stable and anyone can use it for FREE today.

    ShareWare version, free for personal use:

    DOWNLOAD – HoneyMaster and HoneyCombs 1_057b x64
    DOWNLOAD – HoneyMaster and HoneyCombs 1_057b x32

    Just unzip and launch both installers(or only HC_Setup_1_057b***.exe if you only want to use provided by us population of robots).

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