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    This is what we are currently working on(some of the things listed may be reconsidered,
    some ignored, some new features added to the list, no promises!).
    These features will be a part of 2.0 release. Estimated 2.0a release date – September-December 2019.

    DONE. – enhanced by indicators pattern recognition.
    – multiple instruments parallel pattern recognition(compare market situations on multiple instruments).
    – show resemblants in QPA.
    – try to speed up low frequencies analysis.
    – indicator subneuronet that is reoptimized every X days: classification, determining combinations of qualities that precede formation of a specific wave/pattern.
    – automatic genetic optimization by predefined rules or masks.
    – TCP HMaster Windows farm: implement TCP server, common database with TCP access.
    – checking SHA256 for the important data: .quot/imprint/conf/robot files.
    – fully adaptive amins: all absolute values redo to % of average.
    – HC graphs and stats that show combined prognosis for an instrument(from multiple robots) + for a ***USD – one currency from multiple pairs.
    – partial refactoring, you wouldn’t notice, but it’ll be a great help for the future development. =)
    – sort robots in HC by clicking top row(almost by any value).
    – ? HC: binding robots into families(by asigning unique family index) that make decisions collectively.
    – ? HM: processing of whole families: either run robots of a family in different synchronized threads or remember trading results and process them altogether later.
    – ? HM: cluster neuronet that constantly reoptimizes robots, adds robots to HC.
    – ? SMTP client to notify about trades/advises made.
    – ? Mobile app to notify about trades/advises made, open advised trades.
    – ? new scripts: “close all ‘not HBee’ charts ” “close all charts” “close all open deals” “close all open deals made by HBee”, e.t.c…

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